Escape The Island



About Us

Escape the Island is an entertainment venue that invites you and your family, friends, and coworkers, to try to escape a themed room in one hour. Its like a life-size game of Clue. Find clues, unlock pad locks, solve puzzles, use each others knowledge to escape. We have 6 different rooms to choose from: The Hidden Treasure of Jean Lafitte, Escape the Raid from the Balinese room, Escape the 1900 Storm, Escape the Elevator, Escape the Attic and now a Virtual Reality Escape Room. Fun for everyone. Most rooms are based on Galveston History so now.... History with Mystery! Bring your employees for some great team building, bring your family for a reunion, or how about birthday parties? We have engagement surprises, and even able to have some gender reveals. You want to be entertained, you have come to the right place. Book your room at We welcome kids as well so come on down to 910 21st St., just blocks from the Strand. Book Online or call 409-443-5092.