Terri Leo Wilson - State Representative, HD23



About Us

Christian and Lifelong, Proven Conservative Republican Fighter

Terri Leo Wilson is a Christian and lifelong conservative Republican who is the state representative in House District 23. With over twelve years of public votes on the State Board of Education and the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC), Terri has a proven conservative record.

Terri has been active in Texas conservative politics for over 40 years, serving the Republican Party in roles from precinct chairman to Galveston County’s Senate District 11 Chairman to serving on the Legislative Priorities Committee on the SREC. She has been a delegate to all but one Republican Party of Texas Convention since 1984.

Former Elected State Board of Education Member

A retired public school teacher and former member of the State Board of Education, Terri is passionate about education and ensuring the next generation has the tools they need to succeed. She has spent hours without pay or staff reading through textbooks to ensure our state’s instructional materials and curriculum represents the values of Texas parents. We can trust Terri will fight back against ‘Critical Race Theory’ and liberal indoctrination in the classroom.